When To Report A Lawyer To The Bar Association

Gavel and legal booksQ: The lawyers my boss hired got together with a defense lawyer and started making “concessions” with each other on the cases they were working. To me, that is throwing the case for their own benefit and charging the clients anyway.

The defense lawyer is a lawyer working for free. I also pointed out that the defendant was in default not once, but four times, and my lawyers always made an excuse for her. Should I bring this information before the bar, and could you tell me who to contact in Florida?

A: While the details in your question are quite vague, it does not seem that you are personally involved in litigation, but rather, the company you work for has sued someone for breach of contract. The party that may have a complaint against the attorneys representing your company is the company itself.

If your duties as an employee of that company are to oversee and handle the litigation on behalf of the company, you may have the duty to direct the litigation and oversee the course of action in the case. However, if you are not responsible for the litigation, you may want to discuss your concerns with your boss, but your opinion on the direction of the case may differ from that of the person directing the case.

For you to report any attorney in the case you are observing, you would have to observe misconduct on the part of the attorneys. You should know that it is usually normal for attorneys to try to work out some of the details in the case to avoid prolonging the litigation. The concessions you observed may actually cut the expenses in the litigation.

There are times that attorneys will work together to resolve some of the issues in a case with the ultimate effort to try to resolve the case well ahead of the day in court.

In some litigation cases, the parties will spend much more time and money in fighting issues that are not at the core of the case with ultimate result causing both sides of the fight to have huge legal expenses and no resolution on the core issue.

Before you report the attorneys, you should attempt to understand whether the attorneys are trying to resolve some of the tangential issues in the case to actually minimize expenses in the long run (for both sides) and are trying in good faith to settle the case or whether the attorneys are “conceding” issues in the case for their own self interests and not the interests of the client.

If you find true misconduct in their representation and decide to report the attorneys, your report would go to the attorney disciplinary office of the State of Florida. You can find more information on how to file a complaint and other useful information at www.FloridaBar.com.

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10 Responses to When To Report A Lawyer To The Bar Association

  1. veneda dunn says:

    june of 2011
    i hired this lawyer to take my case against a person that i loan money to had a sign notize loan agreement.. he told me that he could and that he would take the case.. he at first made appointment with her to come to his office but she never did… he told me that he could take her to court but he has not….. so now here it is a year later and he still has not proceed with the case… he tells me that he was going to with hold her check or something about the bank.. but then he tells me that he needed her social sercuity number which i have no clue what it is. and i have told him that 50 times already… then its like months before he even notifile me to let me know what is going on if he answers my calls,,, now he is doing nothing… i feel he has betrade me but he sure did take my money and i don’t feel like he is doing anything to solve this case

  2. Joyce Stokes says:

    I have paid this lawyer Charles Nightingale of Valparaiso,Indiana over 3,000 dollars to take my case. I have my receipt that says paid in full. After i did everything i was suppose to do community service and probation fees- I have my sucessful letter from my probation officer stating that i completed everything the Judge ask me to do and that i was no longer on probation. My lawyer and the judge agreed to return my permit and property to me. I have been off probation since Jan,2012 letter to prove it. Well i talked to lawyers son who is his secretary and he said the Judge Bradford refuse to touch it-whatever that means and he also said the prosecutor said that they want to monitor me another year before giving me my property how can i report my lawyer to the bar association. I’m fed up hear my cry! I paid him now the son is saying that my property ain’t worth it and they have to charge me more. That is not right! I want justice! My #773 744 9747 cell but i live in valparaiso. I also have proof that one time this other probation officer in valparaiso tainted my urine to make it seem like i had weed in my system but i went to this place called porter-strakes health clinic of valparaiso the very same day after i left the probation and took an independent drug test which came out negitive. I think it should be a federal investigation on the whole valparaiso court house!Amen

    • Charles Nightingale, Attorney at Law says:

      Dear Ms. Stokes,

      Your complaint and inquiry bends the truth of what actually transpired in your criminal case. You retained me to dispose of your felony charges which I successfully completed in a timely manner. As your firearm was confiscated in connection to your charges, and your case was ongoing due to your alleged probation violations, the Court refused to release your firearm immediately. If you’ll recall, I filed multiple motions for release of your property and same was finally granted after disposing of your felony charges and negotiating a resolution to your alleged probation violations – all for a reasonable and competitive fee given the aggravating circumstances in your case. It seems you failed to recognize the difference between professional misconduct and the actual circumstances – that you were simply frustrated dealing with the criminal justice system. I’d be happy to take the time to speak with you should you like to discuss this matter further.

  3. Ronnie Messier says:

    If I suspect that a Judge residing over a Social Security Disability appeal case, is blatantly bias against a certain group of healthcare providers, is there some way of reporting this?

  4. Joe Rowlett says:

    what do you do if an attorney takes your case but keeps dragging it out and will not answer or return phone calls. this is on a probate case after my mother passed away. Thank you so much for your time

  5. sandy says:

    I know of a lawyer that has had a case going on for over a year, the client is a very sick elderly lady and the lawyer ms moses had refused to obey dr orders telling her that her client needs 24/7 care at a nursing home, she has dimentia and so many othet problems, but she continues to tell her to keep fighting, the client has been in and out of the hospital at least 7 times since ms moses took this case, seems to me that all she cares about is her money!

  6. connie marie ratliff says:

    My lawyer did not show the judge evidence that would have let the judge order my ex to pay me royalties owed to me, he with held copies of checks showing money my ex had received and I was owed half of the money. If he had to appeal my case he would have got more money I think when the judge asked for proof my lawyer said nothing costing me hundred of thousands of dollars.

  7. Zar Carrion says:

    how do you report a Lawyer who tells you to do every one a favor and kill your self?

  8. laura says:

    How do you report a lawyer to the bar if they are helping their client hide income in a divorce case? Lawyer was bartering for a house to be built in exchange for her legal services. Hiding it from the court. Isn’t this illegal?

  9. jimmy jenkins says:

    How do u report a lawyer that didn’t pay u one a civil suit

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