My name is Miranda Marquit, and I’m a personal finance advice blogger. I have a passion for finance—especially as it relates to helping ordinary families build wealth and direct their resources according to their own values and priorities.

When I write about family finance, I like to focus on the ways you can use your financial resources to build the life you want for your family. For the most part, I believe that focusing on improving your ability to earn money, as well as making spending choices that reflect your own goals, can do this.

While I believe that saving money is important, and that you should get the best value for your dollar, I don’t often write about pinching pennies. I’m more about looking for ways to create the lifestyle you want by identifying your values and priorities and then allocating your money in a way that reflects what’s most important to you.

Identifying your goals and looking to the future

Whether your goals are to build a retirement nest egg, create passive income, dig out of a debt hole, pay for your children to attend college, save for a down payment on a new home, create a fully funded emergency account, or travel the world, only you can determine the life you want to live. There are strategies you can follow to ensure that you can afford the things that are most important to you at each of your family’s milestones.

This type of planning requires a long-term view, as well as the ability to honestly evaluate your current situation and identify your goals. I hope my posts will inspire you to create your own financial road map based on your family’s values. My posts will include some of the actions my family is taking right now, as well as actions we hope to take in the future.

Additionally, I will look at how your family relationships can affect the way you interact with money, and how you set priorities as a family—especially if you sometimes want different things or have different approaches to money.

Why should you read what I have to say?

I’ve made my share of mistakes in life when it comes to finances. I dug out from credit card debt amassed at college, and I’m still recovering, in some ways, from earlier financial missteps. However, 10 years after my marriage started with debt, I have a M.A. in journalism from Syracuse University, my husband has completed his Ph.D., and my family is able to meet all of our needs and most of our wants. I’ve learned tough financial lessons through experience.

On top of that, I’ve had the opportunity to research different financial and investing strategies as part of my career as a finance writer. I write for a variety of financial websites on subjects ranging from investing to business to personal and family finance. My work has appeared in, been mentioned by, and linked from major news websites, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, USA Today, The Consumerist, The Atlantic Wire, and The Huffington Post.

I am lucky to work from home doing something I love, and I’m excited to work with Equifax to help you find ways your family can work toward financial freedom.

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