When it comes to saving money and budgeting, the finalists in the Equifax Family Money Matters video contest have plenty of advice to share. How did these financially savvy folks learn their best money tips? Get more money-saving tips and drinks from the finalists.

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Q: What are your financial goals? Short-term? Long-term?
Provide for my family and have enough to live comfortably.

Q: What is your biggest budgeting challenge?
Deciding how much to spend on debt vs savings.

Q: What was your biggest money mistake?
Building up credit card debt when I was younger.

Q: What has been your biggest money success?
Paying off above mentioned credit card debt!

Q: Have you had an “A-ha!” moment with your finances? How has that changed the way you handle your finances?
Some of our close friends set a great example for us about how to live frugally yet still comfortably. They encouraged us to pay down our debt more aggressively and start thinking about our financial future in earnest.

Q: How did you learn what you know about mone? An example in your family? A finance expert? Books?
Our parents for sure.

Q: What is the number one money lesson you want to pass along?
Balance saving and spending — make sure you have enough to live comfortably throughout your life and in retirement but don’t forget to spend it! There is no use being the richest person in the cemetery.