Small BusinessSmall business owners are the backbone of the American economy, but over the past six years, no one has been hit harder: Changes in tax laws, new payroll regulations, rising gas prices, insurance requirements and tight lending standards make sustaining a small business a daunting proposition.

Still, new businesses open every day. Small business owners brim with optimism, but they’re risking their money while sacrificing time at home with family and friends. It’s a lot to put on the line every single day. And often, the rewards aren’t particularly rich – especially in the first few years. Even in the best of times, starting up a new business is challenging; today, it’s harder than ever.

It’s clear that the Mom and Pops of the world can use a little extra help, a few new, cool tools that might make a big difference, no matter what type of business.

I’m proud to announce our new Small Business channel on the Equifax Finance Blog. Starting this week, the Small Business channel will offer tools and solutions that meet the unique needs of small business owners. If you’re a regular Finance Blog visitor, you’ve probably looked for help with your finances or credit. But you may also be a small business owner who wouldn’t mind understanding how a change in the tax law could help you grow your business. In our new Small Business channel, we’ll share small business Success Stories, Game Changers, and grow a library of resources for building, managing and financing your business.

We know that owning a business isn’t just a 9 to 5 proposition, and leaving the office may only be half way through your real workday. At the end of the day, all small business owners share the same concerns about the direction of the economy, the cost of health insurance, retaining talent, and making payroll. Over the next few months we’ll share the best advice from successful business owners to help you grow your business and build value.

So whether you’re fulfilling a lifelong dream exploring a new opportunity, or continuing a family legacy, our Small Business channel will provide you with the resources, education and support to make it a success.

While we’re here to help, we also want to hear from you. Please leave your comments, questions and suggestions. We want to tailor this information to help you make the best decisions for your money and your business. Your stories will serve as a signpost for others because as we all know, the best advice comes from those who have already walked that mile, in the same pair of worn out shoes.

I look forward to starting the conversation with you.


Ilyce R. Glink
Managing Editor
Equifax Finance Blog