Finding the Right Home to Buy: Real Estate Minute with Ilyce Glink

Finding the right home to buy can be a difficult task. Ilyce Glink talks about buying the right home in today’s Real Estate Minute.

Just like dating, you’re going to find a home that you’ll fall in love with. But watch out, because when it comes to a house, you don’t want to get too emotionally involved.

The most important thing to know about buying a home is that there is more than one right house for you.

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Emotion can overcome buyers and make them fixate on one property. Focusing all of your attention on a house you may or may not get is a complete waste of energy.

When you go out looking, try not to get emotionally involved. There is a difference between falling in love with a home and recognizing that you could buy it and successfully live there for a certain length of time. You want the latter, and you’ll feel it when it happens.

Let’s work together on rebuilding America, one house at a time.

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