Four DIY Lighting Tips to Help You Sell Your Home

The right DIY lighting updates can make spaces look larger than they are and help you sell your home more quickly. Space is second only to location when it comes to what buyers want in a house. Capitalize on whatever space you have to sell your home, and be sure to make the lighting as bright as possible.

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Improving your lighting can be done easily and inexpensively. A few small changes can make a big difference toward making a great first impression on homebuyers. To lighten, brighten and sell your home, follow these easy DIY tips:

1. Draw back your curtains. It’s a free, simple thing that can make your home look much more inviting.

2. Replace heavy draperies with white vinyl miniblinds. Blinds help maintain privacy, but they let the light in during the day. You should also change out any heavy window treatments that could darken the lighting in your home.

3. Increase the wattage of the light bulbs in your fixtures. Make sure to check your lamps for the maximum wattage they can support without becoming hazardous. You should also pay attention to the lumens of each bulb, which can help you determine their brightness.

4. Paint your home a light, neutral color, or even brilliant white to enhance the lighting. To sell your home fast, use neutral colors. They will help buyers think of the house  as a blank canvas. It’s much easier for homebuyers to imagine how their stuff will look if your walls aren’t a distraction. This includes removing artwork, posters, photos and bulletin boards.

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