New Tax Guidelines, Alternative Credit Scoring Models, and Home Prices Outpace Wage Growth 13:1

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On this week’s show, I talk to four guests: Jessica Lautz, Director of Survey Research and Communications at the National Association of Realtors; Daren Blomquist, Vice President at RealtyTrac; Dan Goldstein, Real Estate Reporter for MarketWatch; and Ken Fears, Director of Housing Finance and Regional Economics at NAR.

From vacation home sales to alternative credit scoring models, these four guests had a lot of compelling information to share.

More About This Show

Vacation Home Sales Boomed in 2014: [7:10]
Vacation home sales hit record highs in 2014. What does this mean for investors? I talk to Jessica Lautz about the 2015 National Association of Realtors Vacation and Investment Home Buyers Survey.

New Tax Guidelines for 2015: [15:55]
Your personal income taxes are due on April 15, 2015. Here’s a look at some of the big changes from the IRS that will likely affect part of your tax return.

Home Price Appreciation Outpaces Wage Growth by 13:1 [22:57]
Home price appreciation has outpaced wage growth in 76 percent of U.S. housing markets over the past two years. Daren Blomquist is on the show to talk about RealtyTrac’s latest report that compared wage growth and home price appreciation during the U.S. housing recovery.

Mortgagee Clause” Can Keep You From Accessing Homeowners Insurance Claim Money: [32:30]
The Mortgagee Clause, which is overlooked by many homeowners, could cause you a huge headache when it comes time to collect a major claim. I talk to Dan Goldstein about what you need to know.

Alternative Credit Scoring Models Under Consideration: [39:23]
For any hopeful homebuyer who feels constrained by a credit score that is a little too low for today’s lending standards, there may be good news coming. This past week, Equifax and FICO announced a new scoring model based on alternative data. And, a diverse group of housing industry stakeholders hosted a symposium in Washington to discuss new ways of calculating creditworthiness that might open up the mortgage market to buyers who have proven themselves to be financially responsible in ways that haven’t been factored into the older models. I have Ken Fears on the show to talk more about this.

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