Health issues are a hot topic as health care costs have increased over time. Whether you have health insurance or not, you are affected by the rise in health care costs and need to understand how to plan your finances around medical and health care issues. Drug and annual medical expenses are a large component of health care costs, but you must also consider hospitalization and other costs associated with aging that affect your financial health. As health issues become more important with an aging population, the issue of “health” involves medical choices, health insurance choices, hospital issues and choices, doctor selection issues, long term care costs, choices and issues.

Property Seizure by Medicaid to Pay Medical Bill

Property seizure by Medicaid to pay medical bill is possible if homeowner is delinquent on payments with no other assets. Medicaid can seize property to pay medical bills. Seniors needing assistance to pay medical bills may receive Medicaid coverage. Seniors with funds are expected to pay medical bills or face property seizure for Medicaid. Medicaid can seize property and other assets to pay for outstanding medical bills.

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No Health Insurance Leaves Wife with Husband’s Medical Bills And In Need Of Help

No health insurance coverage can saddle anybody with debts beyond any means of repayment. But when a loved on dies and leaves those medical debts, spouses and family members are left to pick up the pieces. Proper estate planning is a must to make sure debts can be paid after debt and that property assets go to the right people.

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Patient Drug Assistance Programs

If you are in dire financial straits because you are unemployed or don’t have insurance, and if you can’t afford to pay for your prescription drugs, help is available. Almost all of the major drug companies offer a patient assistance program in which your prescription drugs will be made available to you at a greatly reduced price or for free. You can check with the individual drug company, either by visiting the website or calling headquarters on the telephone, for more information. Also, ask your doctor to check with the pharmaceutical representative when he or she is in the office.

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