Bad Credit

Bad credit is when you have a low credit score. Bad credit prevents you from getting a good interest rate on a home loan, a car loan, a student loan or a personal loan. Bad credit will make a potential landlord think twice about renting to you. How can you get bad credit? If you’re late making payments or have a debt to income ratio that’s too high you may have bad credit. Learn how bad credit affects your financial life and how you can move from bad credit to good credit.

How FICO 9 could improve your credit score (if lenders actually use it)

Recently, FICO introduced a new scoring model that could potentially make a big impact on housing—if mortgage lenders ever use it. The FICO 9 score would limit the impact of paid medical collections on a consumer’s credit score, potentially lifting …

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Alternative Credit Report Available Now

For people without a credit history but a desire to build their credit, a new law allows you to create an alternative credit report and use that report in a credit application. Q: In our local paper you stated that …

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How Will Foreclosure Affect My Credit Score

Q: I was recently divorced and bought a home. However, I have a rental property in an area which is quite depressed and where crime has increased. Homes in that area are now selling for about $15,000 and there are …

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Raise Your Credit Score To Buy A Home With Bad Credit

Raise your credit score in order to buy a home with bad credit. Buying a home with bad credit is difficult, raising your credit score can help. Raising a bad credit score–even a little–is the only way to buy a home with bad credit. Raise your credit score by paying bills on time. Get your free credit report and monitor your bad credit if looking to buy a home.

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How Does Negative Information Affect Your Credit Score?

Your credit score is determined by looking at a combination of information from credit cards, available credit, payment history, and other financial information. Negative information like bankruptcies and liens can drastically lower your credit score, but the information won’t stay there forever. After a certain number of years bankruptcies and liens will stop affecting your credit score. Late payments and the amount of available credit can also strongly affect your credit score.

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Refinancing Home Loan With Bad Credit

If you are able to get a home loan on bad credit, you may experience problems down the line if you cannot afford the home. Having a bad credit score will result in high interest rates on your home loan. Taking time to repair your credit score will help you get better interest rates when you’re ready to refinance your home loan.

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Late Credit Card Payments Means Bad Credit Report

Making a late credit card payment just once can ruin your credit. Credit card companies are afraid that you can’t pay and your interest rates will jump, if you make even one late credit card payment. Just one late credit card payment can take up to a year to correct and have your credit score returned to where it was before the late payment.

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Credit Report Mistakes Can Be Corrected

Mistakes in your credit report can be corrected. If there has been a mistake reported as fact by the credit reporting bureaus, you must file a complaint and ask for an investigation of your account. If mistaken claims on your credit report aren’t cleared by credit reporting bureaus in the proper time, you can report the bureau to the Federal Trade Commission.

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Credit Crisis Tightens Home Loan Requirements

Gone are the days when you could buy a home with no money down and poor credit. Bad credit home loans are difficult to obtain. Banks aren’t making home loans to borrowers with poor credit after the credit crisis. What can someone with little savings and poor credit do to prepare to buy a home?

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How Credit Scores Impact Mortgage Applications

How do credit scores impact mortgage applications? Credit scores measure debt and your ability to pay back loans. Especially today, your credit score will determine your mortgage and interest rate. What credit score should you have and how can you improve your credit score and get the best interest rate for your mortgage? Watch this Expert Real Estate Tips segment for information on credit scores, mortgage applications, and how to improve your credit score and credit history.

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