1031 Exchange

A 1031 exchange, also known as a Starker Trust, is used by a real estate investor who wants to sell an investment property he or she owns but does not want to pay any taxes. A 1031 exchange allows the seller of investment property to defer taxes by purchasing another property that costs at least as much as the property he or she is selling. There are very strict rules for using 1031 exchanges, and if you blog the deadlines or rules, the 1031 will not be valid. Typically, you’ll need a third-party company to hold your 1031 funds (you’ll want to choose this company carefully) and a real estate attorney that you hire to protect your interests. This topic page is the nerve center for hundreds of articles and videos about 1031 exchanges. These articles discuss the nuances of selling property tax-free using a 1031 exchange. You can use the topic cloud on the right navigation to further refine your search.

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