Financing is the way you pay for a purchase – and the term is usually used in the context of buying a home or a car. Financing may be a 100 percent loan or some combination of a cash down payment and a loan. When you apply for bank financing, it helps to have a strong credit score because banks want to make sure you will pay on time and in full. The state of the economy, including how much cash lenders have available to loan, affects what kind of financing you can get at any given time. To get the best financing, it helps to become familiar with the market for the type of loan you’re trying to get, whether that’s an auto loan, mortgage, school loan or personal loan. From this topic page, you can search for information on all kinds of financing. We have many videos on different types of mortgage financing, and hundreds of articles. Use the topic cloud on the right-hand navigation to further refine your search.

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