Mortgage Broker

A mortgage broker represents companies that invest in mortgage loans. So the mortgage broker arranges for you to get the financing you need to buy your house, and then checks to see which end lender is interested in buying the paper on that loan. You could go to a mortgage broker in your city and end up with a loan from one of your big banks in town. When you use a mortgage broker, you get your money, and the investor gets an investment. The broker gets a fee for providing the loan. Learn more here about what mortgage brokers do and how to choose the right mortgage broker.

How to Get A Mortgage When Self-Employed

Getting a mortgage when self-employed can be difficult. Look for a specialist mortgage lender that often deals with self-employed people. Q: Are there specialists that provide mortgage services for self-employed professionals? My long-time personal bank seems lost when it comes …

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Real Estate Fraud May Stop Sale of Foreclosed Property

Real estate fraud or a foreclosed property scam may be the reason why these homeowners cannot buy property they had a verbal agreement to buy. Q: We live in a very rural part of Florida. The property next to ours …

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Finding A Good Mortgage Broker or Lender

If you have good credit and you are a first time home buyer, you need to find a good mortgage broker or mortgage lender to help you with your home purchase. Q: I am a first time home buyer and …

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Lowering Interest Rate After Locking In a Refinance

If you’ve applied to refinance your loan, and interest rates have gone lower and you have locked, you’ll have to talk to your lender to see what options you may have. Q: We’re right at the end of the time …

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Finding a Good Mortgage Lender

Finding a good mortgage lender can be time consuming, but it shouldn’t be too difficult.  Q: I heard your radio show this past weekend on refinancing. It sounds like you got a really good interest rate. My problem is that …

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Compare Interest Rates, Mortgage Brokers Before Refinance

Compare interest rates, mortgage brokers before refinance. Compare mortgage broker and compare interest rates before refinancing a mortgage loan. After a jump in interest rates be sure to compare interest rates and compare mortgage brokers before refinancing a mortgage loan. Before a refinance of a mortgage loan compare mortgage interest rates and mortgage brokers. Mortgage lenders offer different interest rates on mortgage loans, compare the interest rates and compare the mortgage brokers and lenders before a refinance of a mortgage loan.

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Shop Around For Mortgage Brokers

Shop around for mortgage brokers when refinancing your mortgage loan. Research mortgage interest rates with several mortgage lenders before picking a mortgage broker to use during refinance. Mortgage brokers don’t all cost the same. Every mortgage lender has different rates, shop around for mortgage brokers before you refinance your mortgage loan.
Talk with four or five different mortgage broker to find you the perfect mortgage broker to refinance your mortgage.

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Mortgage Lender Requirements Result in Closing Problems And A Dry Closing

Mortgage lender requirements are confusing brokers, buyers, and even the lenders who are giving the loans. The new world of mortgage financing requires very strict qualifications for the buyers, and brokers and lenders are having trouble keeping track of the rules. It’s very hard to get mortgage financing right now, and some mortgage financing deals are falling through at the last minute because the lenders and brokers don’t know what will make the buyer fail to fulfill the mortgage lender requirements. The result of these loan requirements is closing problems and a dry closing.

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Using a Mortgage Broker Recommended by Real Estate Agent

When you obtain a referral from our real estate agent or broker for a lender, mortgage broker, inspector or attorney, should that person owe a duty of loyalty to you or to the real estate agent? Most home sellers and home buyers would agree that the lender, mortgage broker, inspector and attorney should owe a duty of loyalty to the person that has hired them. In some cases, well intentioned lenders, mortgage brokers, attorneys and inspectors might divulge information to the real estate brokers in a transaction that the owner or buyer had not intended on having them know.

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Installment Contract for Deed Can Result in Mortgage Fraud

A home buyer purchased a home using an installment contract for deed. She paid an escrow company, which then paid out her mortgage, taxes, insurance and homeowner association dues – or so she thought. Now she finds out that the escrow company/mortgage broker hasn’t been making any payments, and the house could be foreclosed upon. Is she a victim of mortgage fraud? What should she do now?

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