Having the right kinds of insurance — including good medical, disability, automobile, homeowner, long-term care, life, and even travel insurance — is key to good financial planning. This page about insurance gives you the lowdown on how to successfully navigate the often perplexing world of insurance coverage.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Fracking?

Most homeowners insurance policies don’t cover fracking. Check with your insurance company to see if they have extra coverage for fracking. Q: I’ve not seen fracking addressed in your column but I understand that doesn’t mean you haven’t! Most homeowners …

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What to Do After Fire Damage

If your house is damaged by a fire, the first step is to talk with your insurance company about what will be covered under the policy. Q: I recently inherited my sister’s home that was badly damaged by fire and …

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Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Land?

Homeowner’s insurance generally does not cover damage to land, landscaping or concrete, but getting land coverage is often not necessary. Q: I recently changed insurance agents. My last one was more elusive than Big Foot. The new one is telling …

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Home Value Protection Insurance Not Worth The Cost

Home value protection insurance might not be worth the cost when property prices are the lowest they have been in decades. Several weeks ago, we were asked a question about whether someone should buy insurance on their property value that …

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Condominium Insurance Requirement Set By The Board

If you live in a condominium building, you should have insurance coverage for your personal property and for the interior of your condominium. Requirements are usually set by the board of your condominium association. Q: We live in Virginia and …

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Preventing House Fires

This past Summer, our friends’ beautiful 100-year old home was hit by lightning and caught on fire. The house was a total loss and it will take them two years to rebuild. While lightning strikes can set a house on …

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How To Buy Earthquake Insurance

Q: Who sells earthquake insurance? I have insurance through a national insurance carrier but they no longer carry it as an extra option. Can you get earthquake insurance from a central location and still keep my current insurance carrier? A: …

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Insurance Coverage For Lightning Strikes: Are You Prepared?

I learned two interesting things this past weekend. The first is that lightning can strike at any time and it can hit close to home. The second that you need to make sure your insurance policies are up to date …

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Nuclear Accident Insurance Coverage, Price-Anderson Act Protection

Do you have nuclear accident insurance coverage? The Price-Anderson Act Protection is already in place for all US homeowners and renters but you still may want to educate yourself about nuclear accident coverage. Japan’s nuclear reactor crisis brings about questions about nuclear accident insurance coverage and Price-Anderson Act Protection. If there were a nuclear accident, would you be covered? Price-Anderson Act protection provides for $12 billion in reserves for damage claims caused by a nuclear incident. Nuclear accident insurance coverage is already available in the form of Price-Anderson Act Protection.

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Recovery After a Fire: Hiring Preferred Insurance Contractors

In recovery after a fire home insurers recommend hiring preferred insurance contractors. Hiring preferred insurance contractors during recovery after a fire can be complicated. Some preferred insurance contractors are better than others during recovery after a fire. Check the Better Business Bureau before hiring preferred insurance contractors during recovery after a fire. Hiring preferred insurance contractors may not be the best option when recovering after a home fire.

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