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Seller brokers, buyer’s agents, dual agents, exclusive seller agents, discount agents – real estate agents come in many different forms. The articles, columns, radio shows, blog posts and videos here help you navigate the new and complex world of hiring a real estate agent.

Real Estate Bidding Wars: How Do They Work?

To determine how real estate bidding wars work, know if the seller has other offers, the broker will come back and ask for your best offer. By: Ilyce Glink and Samuel  Tamkin Q: I read frequently about bidding wars in …

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Should You Hire a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home?

Hiring a real estate agent to sell your home could be pricey. If you don’t want to pay a commission, there are other options. Q: I have a house in the Fayetteville area, south of Atlanta. I am stationed at …

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How to Find an Honest Real Estate Agent | Real Estate Minute

How to find an honest real estate agent. Ask about the agent’s real estate commission. Ilyce Glink explains more on agent commissions in Today’s Real Estate Minutes.  Can you trust your real estate agent? A better question might be: Do …

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Learning About Real Estate: Getting Started in Real Estate Business

Learning about real estate can be a long but rewarding process. Talk to a real estate agent about getting started in the real estate business. Q: What are some ways that an 18-year old individual can get started in real …

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Trouble Selling Your Home? Don’t Blame the Real Estate Agent

If you’re having trouble selling your home, don’t blame the real estate agent. It could just be the real estate market in your neighborhood. Q: I’ve been trying to sell my house for the past few years and have hired and …

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Choosing a Real Estate Listing Agent

Choosing a real estate listing agent can be tricky. Sometimes a discount agent or fixed price agent can work just fine. Q: A fixed price real estate listing company is an advertiser on your radio show. I accept advertising for …

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Full Service vs. Flat Fee Real Estate Agent: Which is Better?

Deciding between a full service versus a flat fee real estate agent can be a tough choice – each has potential drawbacks. Q: What is your opinion of the flat rate listing vs. the traditional “full service” listing agent? We …

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Real Estate Agent Commission: What Agents Really Make

What do real estate agents earn in commission? Negotiating a few thousand dollars on a home price won’t bolster their commission much. Q: We are trying to buy a bank-owned house. The listing price was $115,000 and we offered $90,000 …

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Real Estate Fraud May Stop Sale of Foreclosed Property

Real estate fraud or a foreclosed property scam may be the reason why these homeowners cannot buy property they had a verbal agreement to buy. Q: We live in a very rural part of Florida. The property next to ours …

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Working With A Multiple Listing Service (MLS) To Buy A Home

Can you know something about buying a home before others find out if you get access to the multiple listing service information before others get that information? Q: A friend of mine gave me some real estate advice and told …

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