A mortgage, or a home loan, can come in many different forms. A 30-year fixed rate, a 15-year fixed rate, an adjustable rate mortgage, a jumbo loan. And what about prepayment or foreclosure? The articles, blog posts, videos and radio shows on this page will answer all your mortgage questions and help you find the right mortgage for you.

You need to consider the fees and closing costs that you may be charged in obtaining a mortgage, the length of the loan and the amount of the loan. In addition, while the interest rate you obtain is quite important, you need to understand all of the other issues involved in obtaining a mortgage loan for your home or investment property.

Take a look at our hundreds of articles on our site. Some of these articles are listed below. These articles relate to obtaining a mortgage, finding a low interest mortgage loan, the difference between a fixed rate or ARM loan, whether to pay points to buy down your interest rate, and avoiding prepayment penal

Featured Mortgage Article

Managing Mortgage Payments in Retirement

If you’re nearing retirement and still carrying a mortgage you’re probably worried about managing your mortgage payments in retirement. And, who could blame you? A new survey by the American Institute of CPAs found that retirees’ biggest concern is  running …

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