Ilyce Glink Show – SCAM ALERT: Retirement Savings – May 16, 2010

Ilyce Glink Show Notes May 16, 2010 – Fraud Alert – Roofing and Homeowners Insurance – Stock Market Update. Today on the show we talked about how scam artists are targeting people who are trying to repair their nest eggs. Hail damage, we took a ton of calls about roofing problems, hail damage and homeowners insurance. We talked about annuities and how the 1,000 point stock market swoon caught people who had sell orders and they got burned financially. Fee only financial planners and how to protect yourself and your assets. Also, what are you really worth? Books and Ebooks – ORDER TODAY!

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FBI Warns Of New Twist In Counterfeit Check Scam

FBI Warns Of New Twist In Counterfeit Check Scheme Counterfeit check schemes involving the wiring of money to a bank account overseas have been frequently reported to the FBI. The FBI now warns of a new twist in counterfeit check schemes where the fraudulent client emails as an an ex-wife in an Asian country soliciting a U.S. law firm’s assistance in recovering divorce settlement funds.

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FBI Scam Alert: Mystery Shopper Schemes Increasing

The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center has reported an increase in mystery/secret shopper schemes. Legitimate secret shopper programs exist, but fraudsters are taking advantage of those unaware of schemes involving counterfeit check cashing or identity theft.

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Scams: Haitian Scams Abound – FBI Issues Hatian Scam Alert

Scams: Haitian Scams Abound – FBI Issues Haitian Scam Alert The FBI continues to remind the public to apply a critical eye and do their due diligence before giving contributions to anyone soliciting donations on behalf of Haitian victims. Solicitations can originate from e-mails, websites, door-to-door collections, mailings and telephone calls, and similar methods.

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Small Business Scam? Can A Cold Call Save My Small Business?

Debt overload or overboard? A small business owner is facing off with the recession. On one hand, he has to refinance his debt to stay afloat. On the other hand, navigating the complicated waters of small business loans has him confused. A miracle phone call seems to answer all of his needs and provide him with the money he needs to retain his employees. How can you find out if an offer is a scam or if it can truly help save your business?

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Scams From Nigeria Target Apartment Rentals

Scams from Nigeria are targeting apartment rentals in South Carolina, Illinois, Colorado and California. You need to be careful to avoid these Nigerian apartment rentals scams. Use common sense and do your due diligence before sending any information to third parties you do not know. Once you become a victim of a scam from Nigeria that target apartment rentals, you’ll have to take action to protect your financial information.

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Real Estate Fraud: Real Estate Broker Takes The Home But Not The Mortgage

How do you know if you’re the victim of a real estate fraud, a housing scam or mortgage fraud? A reader listed his house for sale with an investor who was also a Realtor. The investor/Realtor transferred ownership of the homeowner’s property to himself using a quit claim deed, but left the homeowner on the hook for the mortgage. Is he the victim of a housing scam or mortgage fraud?

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Nigerian Online Rental Ads Scam: Alert

In a new twist on the Nigerian email scam, online rental ads are soliciting potential renters to wire money for several months rent, in exchange for super low rent rates. A scam alert from the FBI warns against the latest Nigerian scam. Online rentals found through sites like Craigslist are attracting this new Nigerian scam. The FBI warns renters searching for apartments and rentals to be wary of anyone asking for personal information, or who isn’t local.

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New Mortgage Fraud Scams Emerged in 2008, FBI Says

In its 2008 survey of mortgage fraud, the FBI concluded there is a strong correlation between mortgage fraud and distressed real estate markets. Indeed, some of the states with the highest levels of mortgage fraud also had the highest levels of foreclosures. But new mortgage fraud scams emerged in 2008 that tested the abilities of the FBI to contain them. Here is a look at the newest mortgage fraud scams.

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FBI Reports Mortgage Fraud and Mortgage Scams Increase in 2008

Mortgage fraud and mortgage scams increased dramatically in 2008, as homeowners found themselves pushed into mortgages they couldn’t afford, or lenders realized they had approved loans based on false premises. The survey found that mortgage fraud complaints surged in 2008. At least 63 percent of all pending FBI mortgage fraud investigations during FY200 involved dollar losses totaling more than $1 million. There were nearly 64,000 Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) filed in FY2008, with losses of more than $1.4 billion, an increase of 83 percent over FY2007.

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