Q: I have my house up for sale right now, but I am thinking about taking it off the market and refinancing instead. My broker keeps talking about possible problems I might have with the refinance.

I intend on getting a letter from my broker that states the house is no longer for sale before moving forward with the refinance. What do you think?

A: I’m confused by what your real estate broker has told you. What possible problems could there be with a refinance, unless your credit history has taken a beating since you purchased the property?

To the great surprise of many mortgage experts, mortgage interest rates have continued to stay at 45-year lows. If you think you can refinance to either make the house more affordable to live in, or turn it into a successful rental property, you have the freedom to do that.

From what you’ve told me in your letter, it seems as though your broker is trying to possibly scare you into keeping the property listed. If your broker loses a listing because you decide to keep the property, so be it. You have to do what’s right for your own personal finances. Scaring you into keeping a property on the market is no way to develop a referral business.

Instead, the agent should help you find a great mortgage broker, knowing that the time and effort he has put into developing the relationship will pay off when you either sell the property down the line, buy another one, or recommend his services to friends looking for a great agent. It is possible some lenders may decide not to refinance your loan due to the fact that your home is for sale and your intent is not to keep the home for the term of the loan. Generally, however, if you plan to keep the home and take it off the market, lenders will refinance your loan.