Today on the Ilyce Glink Show, Ilyce talked about the gas shortage in the Atlanta area. She took calls from people like Jeff, who wondered why there wasn’t a shortage or a pricing problem in places like Florida or North Georgia, and Keith, who believes that by killing price gouging you’re getting rid of free market incentives to fix the supply problem. She also discussed the $700 billion bailout package that Congress seemed to agree to late Saturday night (9/20). She took a number of calls from Wachovia bank customers and retired employees, who all were wondering if their deposits were safe, if their mortgages would get credited correctly, if their investments were protected. Phyllis wanted to know if there was anything she could do to make sure her Washington Mutual (WaMu) mortgage transferred correctly to Chase (keep her paper trail handy, Ilyce said). To find out more, tune into the show. For show notes and updates through the week, check out her blog at , and sign up for her free weekly newsletter on the home page. Check out the videos at And be sure to subscribe to her YouTube channel.


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