Why do readers like Ilyce Glink’s “Real Estate Matters” columns so much?

“Ilyce is astute at business, real estate and personal finance. She has saved every day people from possible financial ruin by explaining simply and understandable the consequences of transactions. Ilyce’s advice has helped thousands toward achieving their financial goals.” February 12, 2009

  • John Donovan, Enrolled Agent, H & R BLOCK

“Ilyce’s commentary and articles are very educational. As a professional REALTORĀ®, I always look forward to her expertise in all areas of real estate.” August 26, 2008

  • Dennis Blackmore

“Ilyce is a fabulous author. Don’t go to the closing table without her. In fact, bring her ‘100 Questions’ book to your first open house! Her writing style is informative and approachable – not over your head, and chock full of ‘need to know’ information. It’s like getting home-buying advice from your best friend. I read her ‘first time home-buyers’ book before my wife and I bought our first house and felt completely empowered throughout the process. Things that would have taken me years to learn were on my checklist within minutes. We have since bought and sold a handful of properties and I am now employed in the real estate development business. Thanks, Ilyce, for getting us started on the right track!” July 16, 2008

  • Stephen Forster, Director of Public Finance and Government Relations, O’Neill Properties Group

If you’re going to put real estate or personal finance content on your Web site, you should choose the best: Award-winning, nationally-syndicated columnist Ilyce Glink has been writing about real estate and personal finances since 1988. She has been writing her nationally-syndicated column since 1993, and it appears in more than 100 newspapers and Web sites from coast-to-coast.

Ilyce writes four 650-word columns each week: a narrative column about the real estate and personal finance worlds, a Q&A on real estate, a Q&A on conjunction of real estate and personal finance (taxes, inheritances, credit and debt are common topics), and a Q&A on real estate law that she writes with Chicago-based real estate attorney Sam Tamkin.

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