ILYCE GLINK also owns and operates Think Glink Publishing LLC, a privately-held company that provides media consulting services, as well as strategic editorial content and video for Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations and small privately owned companies.

This original content helps companies achieve specific goals, such as providing top-quality educational content for customers, mining a current list of customers for new business and increasing Web traffic and sales volume.

The content created by Think Glink Publishing takes on many forms, including private label books, targeted email campaigns, electronic newsletters, ebooks and ereports, Internet video and other kinds of strategic content for a variety of Web sites.

Think Glink Publishing’s clients include large companies in the real estate, mortgage, credit and payroll industries, as well as smaller privately-held Internet companies and non-profits.


  • Want to find a better way to reach your client? Are you looking to inform or reward your customers?

  • Our clients call us when they want to educate, inform, reward or build loyalty with their customers. Whether they need a book published, a strategically-designed interactive email campaign, or an electronic newsletter, Think Glink Publishing creates custom content that provides outstanding results.

  • It starts with a need.

  • Our decades of experience reaching consumers through newspapers, magazines, television, radio and the Internet allow us to provide you with first-hand information about what your customers need. Once that need is identified, we can custom-design a content solution that will allow you to achieve your goals.

  • Each client is different.

  • TGP has created ebooks, electronic newsletters, private label trade books, interactive email campaigns, outbound marketing programs, and video for a wide variety of companies. Each type of content is individually created, based on company research, to provide the best possible results.


  • Video has become the medium of choice for the Internet era. It allows your customers to get to know you on an entirely different level. By using video, you can reach out and touch your customers in a way that print content can’t. You can project a strong message and engage your customers emotionally, while allowing them to control the experience.

  • Think Glink Publishing creates engaging, high-quality corporate and educational videos that inform and engage customers. Our video production team has more than 50 years of experience working in television and video and can create smart, effective videos that reach your marketplace.

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