Loan Calculator
This home loan calculator lets you determine the mortgage payment for a hypothetical loan based on the loan criteria you specify.

Refinance Calculator
This useful calculator helps you determine if it’s a good time to refinance your home.

Amortization Schedule
This amortization calculator creates amortization schedules for you. Enter your mortgage terms, and the calculator will amortize the loan for you, defining the amount of principle and interest for every mortgage payment through the term of the loan.

Buydown Calculator
A buydown is a loan that begins at a rate below the existing market rate and then rises, usually every year, at a predetermined amount. This mortgage calculator calculates your savings from participating in a temporary interest rate buydown program. You can compare your cost to participate in the program with your total savings.

Rent vs Buy Calculator
This mortgage calculator compares the costs of owning a house to the cost of renting. You can use this personal finance calculator to determine how much money you may be losing by continuing to rent.

Debt Consolidation Calculator
This calculator helps you to determine whether or not you should consolidate your debt.

Mortgage Qualifier Calculator
This mortgage calculator gives you a preview of how lenders might view your credit. You can determine if you will likely qualify for a home loan, and if so, how much you can borrow.

Closing Costs Calculator
This calculator will help you understand the costs and fees that are due at the time that you close your home loan.