Top 10 home features buyers desire

What home feature do buyers desire the most? A laundry room. Although laundry is decidedly not an exciting chore, having a laundry room is a home feature buyers desire. They consider it the home feature buyers desirable the most, according …

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Home Closing Costs Every Buyer and Seller Should Expect to Pay

Home closing costs can be a huge headache, but if buyers and sellers know about how much they should expect to pay it’s much easier to plan ahead. There are many types of closing costs, and not all of them …

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3 steps to reduce property taxes

Are you paying too much in property taxes? Chances are your answer is yes. Most homeowners feel overburdened by ever-rising property tax costs and want to take steps to reduce property taxes, though not every homeowner’s taxes are as oppressive …

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Why So Many Homes Are Unaffordable

Mortgage lenders recommend spending between 28 and 36 percent of your gross monthly income on debt payments. While this is considered to be perfectly affordable, it’s stunning that one-third of the homes for sale right now are unaffordable by historical …

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Tips to save money: The spending trade-off

Engagement ring or down payment? Apparently young women are increasingly opting for the latter. According to a survey of 1,000 people from ERA Real Estate, half of young women would rather have their mate propose with a plan to put money …

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3 ways to trick your brain into spending less

Money can be a real pain. About 24 percent of people admit that the “pain of spending” turns them into tightwads, while about 15 percent admit to being spendthrifts, where they experience so little pain when spending that they spend …

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One rule that can instantly boost your investments

Have you heard of the Rule of 752? For those struggling to save money, this one’s for you. We always hear that by cutting out small expenses, we can save big (I even have an eBook touching on 10 expenses …

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How Married Same-Sex Couples Should File Federal Taxes to Get the Best Refund

Many Americans are facing tax issues this year that they’ve never experienced before. Whether it’s because of a marriage, a home sale or new federal and state rules, questions arising this close to the April 15 tax deadline can be …

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What to Look for in Your Final Pre-Closing Walk-Through

The final home walk-through before closing is an important time for homebuyers and sellers. To make the most of it, it’s helpful for both parties to know what they should look for ahead of time. A walk-through before closing can …

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Estate, Death and Inheritance Taxes

An anonymous Silicon Valley billionaire has purchased the world’s most valuable life insurance policy for $201 million, and I think his reasoning behind it is fascinating. He bought the insurance to help his heirs avoid paying a 45 percent inheritance …

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