Written by three veteran consumer experts who escaped the rat race, Invest in Yourself is a comprehensive guide for saving money and becoming a better person in the process. The book offers six secrets to the rich life–the first is to determine what you want in a career, write Marc Eisenson, Gerri Detweiler, and Nancy Castleman. “By carefully investing your time, energy, and maybe a little money, you can find out where you really want to go–and then do what you need to get there,” they write. “It’s one of your best investment opportunities, way better than anything you can get in the stock market.” The other five keys: invest in intangibles like family and friends; pay off debts and get into a 401(k); keep learning new skills; manage your own money and get an “ace in the hole”–a tiny business of your own. Invest in Yourself offers a myriad of tips for squeezing the most out of a dollar. It tells you how to negotiate to get the best price on just about anything, including motel rooms and used cars, and gives the lowdown on turning your kids into savers and investors, controlling college bills, cutting home buying costs, and planning for retirement. The book is also a good clearinghouse for Web sites, helpful phone numbers, and information about newsletters like Loose Change and The Cheapskate Monthly.