Q: My daughter and I bought a house together, and we had a terrible experience with the lender. The loan was an 80/10/10 and the lender botched up the second loan. We were never able to fully correct the situation, so we decided to refinance.

We decided to refinance to get away from them. To our surprise, the same lender bought the servicing rights to the new loan. Now we’re having problems with the payments being posted properly. They have dropped her middle name from her loan statement. We have brought all of these problems to this lender’s attention (and to the original lender as well) in writing, but are still in limbo.

I have another home loan that was sold to this lender and I am facing similar problems. I have tried sending the lender a certified letter in attempt to correct the problems I’m experiencing but this is getting me nowhere. I would like to start depositing my monthly payments into an escrow account until my problems are resolved, but no one will respond to me.

What should I do?

A: Clearly, the lender is having problems servicing your account and your daughter’s account. You should bring this problem to the attention of the state agency that regulates lenders. File a complaint and ask the agency to investigate.

You should also get on the phone and start working your way up to the food chain. Keep asking for supervisors until you speak to someone who can help you. Keep a record of all conversations you’ve had, and with whom, which will become part of your paper trail along with the letters you’ve sent. Continue to document your phone conversations in writing, along with their response, or lack of response. The state agency that regulates lenders in your state should find this interesting reading.

As a last resort, you can seek legal options. Talk to an attorney. It may be possible for you to sue the company for failure to correctly service your account.