Q: We’re trying to sell our home without an agent in Atlanta. We’ve put out signs in our yard and at the front of our subdivision. However, we have not had many calls or visits in the last three weeks.

We would like to know what other kinds advertising you would suggest. We have looked into using a discount broker that would get the property into our local multiple listing service. It would cost us $1,300. Is this a good idea?.

A: If you want the most buyers to see your listing, you must find a way to get it into the multiple listing service in your area. If that means spending some money with a local discount broker, so be it. A discount broker will be far less expensive than paying 5 to 7 percent of the sales price to a full-service broker.

Still, $1,300 seems expensive to me, so shop around and see if you can’t get it in for half as much or even less.

In the meantime, advertise in the local weekend paper, when all of the other agents advertise their open houses. Hold an open house (and consider holding an open house one evening during the week to catch people as they come home from work.). Let people know at work that you’re selling, and talk to your neighbors. Perhaps they have someone they’d like to see move into the neighborhood.

Make sure you’ve priced your home correctly. The market is softening in some areas, and if you are overpriced, no one will make an offer. Also, make sure local brokers know you’ll pay a half commission to a buyer’s agent. You’ll spend 2 1/2 to 3 percent of the sales price, but save the other half commission if you sell without listing your home.

Finally, give yourself a set period of time in which to sell your home. If you haven’t sold, hire the best agent you can find and list your home.