Reverse Mortgage

WGN-TV Show Notes — April 18, 2001

ANCHOR: Wondering whether a reverse mortgage will help someone you love?

ANCHOR: Money and real estate expert Ilyce Glink is here with the answers to your questions. Good morning.

ILYCE: Question 1: My mother will not sell her home, but wants us — her children — to give her cash. Is a reverse mortgage an option for her?

ILYCE Question 2: I am engaged to be married in about a year, and we are paying for the wedding ourselves. We currently live together and rent an apartment in Bucktown. Our lease comes up in September. Should we buy a house at this time? Our only problem is it will be tough to pay for the wedding and a condo at the same time

ILYCE: Question 3: I pulled a copy of my credit report and it doesn’t show my current mortgage. I called my mortgage company to ask why and they said they don’t report my ontime payments, only if I’m late. What’s going on?

April 18, 2001.