Are you making a mistake with your home sale?

Sellers who treat their home sale lightly may be in for a rude awakening.

Everyone makes mistakes when selling their home. It’s just human nature. Don’t let these trip you up. First, a dirty, messy home won’t bring in the most cash. Clean up, clear out, box and store most of what you have. Leave your home looking spotless and airy.

Sellers who think their homes are worth way more than market value are only setting themselves up for disappointment. For a reality check, look at what other homes are selling for in your neighborhood.

Don’t hang around during showings. It only makes buyers nervous. And while you’re at it, lock Fido in his cage when buyers walk through your house.

Finally, give serious consideration to every offer that comes in the door. The first offer could be the right offer, even though the buyer’s first offer might be a little low. Instead of getting offended, get in the game with a counter-offer that lets them know you’re in control.

Avoid these common mistakes and you’ll be pocketing the cash, instead of singing the blues.