NOTE: Many of these deals are time-sensitive, and may have expired by the time you read this column. Also, the fares are typically for flights and packages that originate in Chicago. Please check the websites listed below for other good deals that may be available today.

ANCHOR: With the hotel and tourism industry mired in recession, travel deals abound.

ANCHOR: Money and real estate expert Ilyce Glink is here with a few fabulous deals and how to find more.


ILYCE: Would you like to spend Christmas in Paris? What about New Year’s in the Swiss Alps. All this is possible because planes to Europe are empty and airline and hotel operators are getting desperate. Throw in a strong dollar against a weak euro and you’ve got the makings of an incredible vacation. Take a look at some of these deals I found online this week:


ITALY $599/pp 5 Nights Air, hotel, breakfast, transfers

IRELAND $588/couple Air and rental car

BRUSSLES $306/pp Air only

SKI PACKAGE $807/pp Air, hotel, ski pass

LONDON $200 R/T Air only

TOKYO, JAPAN $593 R/T Air only

US Travel:

Southwest Airlines $39-99 one way
Chicago – LA $119
Chicago – Manchester $118

Weekend Fares:
Nashville $104 R/T
Detroit $86 R/T
Montreal $240 R/T

Best Sites for Deals:

ILYCE: There are plenty of deals to be had elsewhere online. Be sure to go to each individual airline site and register for their free weekly Internet-only specials. Be aware that most of these deals expire shortly, or may not be available. The best fares are non-returnable and must be purchased in advance. Finally, last week, the Wall Street Journal reported that some resorts are offering a two-for-one special — you pay for a ticket to a resort and your travel agent gets a ticket for free. If you’re concerned that you’re being steered toward a particular resort, be sure to ask your agent how he or she is being compensated for booking your trip.

Published: Dec 20, 2001