Q: I know it may not be your field of expertise, but I have a tough question. I am a self employed landscape maintenance contractor, and in August of 2001, my lease will be up on my landscape truck. I want to lease another one, but this time I want go into the dealership with a little more information in my hand. I am trying to find a web site or publication that has the invoice prices, options, etc. for MEDIUM DUTY TRUCKS such as Sterling, Freightliner, UD, and International.

I have been to www.Edmunds.com and several other consumer based web sites, but no one has any of the kind of info that I need, nor do they know where to get any of it. Do you have any suggestions?!?

A: You might try calling some of the manufacturers of these light trucks and checking out their websites for information. Once you find the selling price, and the options, then you can negotiate more equally with the dealers.

Unfortunately, my guess is that this kind of market is somewhat limited, so you don’t have the wholesale kind of information that’s otherwise available. One thing to think about: Buying a slightly used truck instead of something new. You might be able to get a whole lot more for your money.

Published: Sep 19, 2003