Do you have masonite siding? What about synthetic stucco (EIFS)? Or perhaps you have shares of stock in a company that has been sued.

Hundreds of lawsuits are certified as class-action lawsuits every year. When these cases settle, or are won in court, you may be entitled to receive compensation.

How do you find out? You can go online to these websites to investigate various lawsuits and see if you qualify to be part of the class. (Run by a class action law firm Kahn Gauthier Law Group, based in New Orleans, and responsible for helping to start the state class-action suits against the tobacco companies in 1994.) A comprehensive online legal, class action and product recall service helping you find out if you are eligible for settlement cash, money and products. Investors, drug users, product users, hundreds of millions of dollars in settlements go unclaimed every year. Research the latest class action and product recall information – its free and easy. Get Justice! Take Action! Research the latest class action information on PPA, Propulsid, Rezulin, Firestone, Fen-Phen, Asbestos, Redux, Lotronex, Firestone, AOL 5.0, and others to find out if you are eligible for a settlement. (Run by the American Bar Association.) (Run by class-action lawfirm Paskowitz & Assoc., based in New York city.)
securities/ (This site is run by Stanford University’s Law School. It provides excellent advice) (Run by the National Consumer Law Center)

Published: Oct 17, 2003