Q: You recently spoke to a listener on a radio show who asked about the door to her home being left open by agents showing her home.

It is outrageous that agents can be so irresponsible! You told her to fire her agent if they don’t do anything about it. Shouldn’t the buyer’s agent be the one who is responsible? After all, she left the door open. What can the sellers agent do about it if the buyers agent denies leaving the door open (obviously that agent did not follow his buyer around the house or he would have seen the open door)?

Seller agents shouldn’t have to visit a house after each time another agent has shown it. Our house is also for sale, and although it’s not vacant, I am worried now about our pets being let out and getting killed due to a negligent showing agent.

A: You and I may just have to agree to disagree about what seller’s agents do. My feeling is that you’re paying the seller’s agent to do something — that is show the house. If the seller’s agent doesn’t want to go to the showings, and puts a lock box on the house, and allows buyer’s agents to go in and out unescorted, and the buyer’s agent leaves the door open, I believe it’s still the seller’s agent’s responsibility. (Of course, there are plenty of agents who disagree with me.)

If I had pets, I’d worry about them getting out during a showing. So, protect yourself. Make sure your pets are in cages or out being walked whenever you have a showing at your home. This is a good idea any way, since many buyers are allergic, phobic or otherwise don’t like animals.