Last year, about 10 million Americans were victims of identity theft. That works out to about 1 in every 30 people. Identity theft cost $5 billion in out of pocket expenses and it cost companies $50 billion to fix. WGN Money-Saving Expert Ilyce Glink is here with some gadgets that can help safeguard your identity.

Secure Touch (R) Fingerprint Reader and Optical Mouse

500,000 laptops are stolen each year. This optical mouse uses integrated biometric fingertip identification. The cost is $99.

Mobile Proximity Alarm.

Put one in your pocket and attach the other to a PDA, cell phone, laptop, or wallet. The device sounds an alarm if more than 15 feet separate the two. $29.99

Fellowes Shredder (SMALL)

Shreds 15 sheets at a time, plus CDs, staples, credit cards, and paperclips. It has a 7-gallon tub. $179

Fellowes (LARGE) C-14 is designed for small office use. It shreds 15 sheets at a time and will run for 25 minutes without needing a break. It shreds CDs, paperclips, credit cards, and staples. It has a 10-gallon tub. Good for small offices. $389.

You can purchase these products through your local office supply store or online.

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