Q: I read in your column a few weeks back about how important it is to disclose things that are wrong with your house. Our house was built in 1970, and has aluminum wiring.

When we sell it do we have to disclose this? When we bought the property, the aluminum wiring wasn’t listed on the disclosure statement.

A: I don’t know whether you’re “required” to disclose that or not. What you’re supposed to disclose are material defects with the property that are hidden — in other words, those problems that you know about but that can’t be seen with the naked eye.

In general, I think it’s best to disclose everything when you list a home for sale. That way, there are no surprises for the buyers. And, you won’t have a buyer coming back to “renegotiate” anything because it has all been disclosed upfront.

Ask your agent what else she feels should be disclosed about your property before you sell it.

Dec. 31, 2004.