Q: I am a new loan agent. Can you tell me best way to acquire new clients?

A: Whether you’re a real estate agent, lender, home inspector, or other member of the home buying and home selling team, the best way to develop and sustain your business is to network amongst friends and family.

Market the services you offer to friends and family in the area in which you live. You might want to offer them a discount if they use you for their next refinance or home purchase.

Take advantage of networking on the internet. Set up a website and try to find a way to drive traffic to it. (The site doesn’t have to actually take loan applications over the Internet, but can instead promote you.)

You can also sponsor the local Boy Scout troop, give a talk at a local school or community about mortgages and refinancing, or go to open houses and meet agents.

The idea is to get out there and network.

Published: Feb 18, 2005