Q. How do I choose the right broker?

A. Finding a broker or an agent who meets your needs and personality can be tougher than it sounds. Those buyers who have the worst experiences are often those who just walk into or call the worst experiences are often those who just walk into or call their neighborhood shop and ask for anyone at random.

That is not how you find a good agent or broker. That is how you find a big headache.

In some ways, finding the right broker or agent is tougher for a seller than for a buyer. Both buyers and sellers should find someone with who they feel comfortable, whose personality meshes with theirs. It’s important to have someone who can listen to your concerns and can explain potential problems to you in a way you can understand.

But sellers must also hire the agent or broker who can best market their home. This may mean some compromises. For example, you might personally be more comfortable with a laid-back agent who can sit chatting with you for hours about your children, the local school system, or the price of tea leaves in China. But that kind of broker may not be as effective at selling your home as an aggressive broker with an extensive network of contacts.

This is not to suggest that only aggressive brokers or agents are effective seller brokers. Laid-back brokers can be effective, too. You’ll have to thoroughly interview each broker you invite into your home to determine who will be the best choice for selling your house.

Published: Aug 31, 2005