If you want to get a raise, try these five suggestions from Carol Kem, a master career counselor for Atlanta-based Life Horizons (www.lifehorizons.com).

1.) Never use gender to hold yourself back. Don’t make excuses for yourself that limits you from achieving your goals.

2.) Make a plan. Have a solid idea of who you are as an employee and what you’ve done that had positive outcomes. Take stock of your value. Think of ways you can prove your value to your employer without having to tell them.

3.) Put it in writing. Create a regular report every 3 to 6 months of your accomplishments. Put it in numbers, statistics and in terms of how much money you saved for the company.

3.) Do your research. There are sites where you can find statistics on how much people are making on average in your line of work. When you compile your report include 4 examples of companies that are in line with the size of your company.

4.) Update your skill-set. Take courses to learn a new skill, go to a work shop or a seminar and let your boss know that you are interested in learning this new skill, or acquiring a new certification. Companies are always interested in promoting people they know are qualified to take on more responsibilities within the company.

5.) Get a mentor. If you can find someone (outside of your immediate job circle) who is in a position you would like to be in one day (became a senior VP etc.), see what you can learn from that person. You have to look at it like they got there and they were successful, so what advice can they give you. Just make sure there is no conflict of interest with your company.

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