If you want to get a raise, make sure you don’t make these mistakes, says Carol Kem, a master career counselor for Atlanta-based Life Horizons (www.lifehorizons.com).

1.) Never become emotional. It just makes everyone uncomfortable. You should act professional at all times and this should never be an exception to the rule.

2.) Don’t make threats. This has such a potential for coming back on you later that it’s never good to take the risk.

3.) Do not approach this issue unprepared.

4.) Do not approach your boss when they are really busy (the end of the quarter) when they are dealing with an emergency or when they are in a bad mood. It’s better just to approach them when they are in a better state of mind and when they have the time to speak with you about this.

5.) Be assertive. When you list your accomplishments you need to speak with conviction and authority. Bosses react positively to confidence. It tells them that you have the potential to be a leader.