Q: I live in Marietta Geogia, am 61 yrs old, listen to you and Clark often. Can you please recommend 2 or 3 flat fee financial advisors? My wife and I have about $500,000 in IRAs, $20,000 in common stock, $100,000 in land held for investment and need to know how to make it last for the next 20+ years of our retirement.

A: I don’t recommend individual financial advisors save one — WSB’s Mike Kavanaugh (www.moneybulletin.com). But even then, I think you should speak with several fee-only financial advisors to decide who you want to work with.

You can find flat fee financial advisors through the Garrett Planning Network (www.garrettplanningnetwork.com) .

If you’ve got $100,000 or more to invest with Vanguard (www.Vanguard.com), they’ve just introduced a new program where they will charge you $1,000 for a full financial plan. But if you put $100,000 into Vanguard, the plan is free.

I just learned about the Vanguard plan recently. While I haven’t tested it out myself yet, I spent a long time talking with the Vanguard public relations department and marketing department about the plan and how it is conducted. Since I often recommend investing in Vanguard index funds, you may want to look at that as well.

You can also call or go online to the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (www.napfa.org) or call 888-FEE-ONLY for a list of advisors near you.

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June 7, 2006.