What’s in your email in-box? If you’re like me, you’ve probably got plenty of spoof emails that look like they’re from reputable companies, like America Online, EBay, Sun-Trust, and Visa.

The logo is there, the symbols are there, the secured socket lock is at the bottom of the page. The only problem is that the email is asking you for your login and password – and it’s a complete fake.

In the past year, phishing scams and spoof emails have become so high-tech that even the 2,000 people who work on identity theft for EBay sometimes have a hard time telling their own email from fake ones.

What can you do? The only way to avoid getting ripped off is to simply assume that every email asking for your personal information is a scam. Delete it and contact the company using a number off of your monthly bill, the toll-free number on the back of your credit card, or through contact information provided on the company’s corporate website.

Whatever you do, don’t type in information and hit “Send.”

With practical, informative consumer advice, I’m Ilyce Glink, News-Talk 750 WSB