If you’re hopping in the car this summer, hoping to get away from it all, don’t expect to get away from higher gas prices. While prices will be high all summer long, you can save cash at the pump with a little bit of planning.

Before you leave town, fill up the tank at your local cheap station. Then, make sure you’re not carrying around any extra weight. Every 100 pounds of weight will decrease the mileage your car gets by 2 percent.

When filling up on the road, choose an exit with several gas stations. Competition should keep prices somewhat reasonable. And the best prices should be available at the station farthest away from the highway.

Believe it or not, official rest stops typically have reasonably-priced gas. But all the cheap — well, let’s just say cheaper gas — won’t matter one bit if you fly somewhere and rent a gas guzzler. You can bone up on which cars get the best mileage at FUEL ECONOMY.GOV.

And check out cheap gas prices wherever you go at

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