Real estate is a cyclical industry – that is, there are highs and lows and right now we’re heading down from the best seller’s market in history.

Which probably doesn’t feel great to sellers, but the few buyers out there are grateful they’re getting a deal.

And what deals there are!

Developers are lowering the price of their new homes while loading up buyers with free goodies worth tens of thousands of dollars. Want upgraded tile and carpet? Want an extra bay added to the garage? Now’s the time to ask.

Sellers are being forced to compete by raising the commission they pay the buyer’s agent and tossing in free things like a new patio set, vacations, or even a new car.

And if you think buyer’s agents will show your house anyway, think again. With so much competition out there, you’ve got to make your home standout. Offering the buyer’s agent a 4 percent commission will at least guarantee your house will get a look.

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