Q: Four years ago, my neighbor placed a fence on my land. I want to take it down, but every time we have tried to take it down he has come out and yelled at us saying it is on his land.

The problem is, it is not on his land and we can prove it. He has also tried to take our neighbor’s land. The reason he put up the fence and is trying to take our 9,000 square feet is so he can keep one more horse.

A: If you want to know what is the official boundary between your property and your neighbor’s, you can hire a surveyor to survey the land and stake the corners of your land and mark the edge of your land that is at issue. You can also go to the tax assessor’s office and compare the map of your property with the survey that you paid for.

This should give you the definitive boundaries of your land. If your neighbor has encroached on your land, you may have to sue him to remove his fence, or you may be able to remove it yourself. If he wants additional land for his horse, he can always rent or buy it from you.

For more information on your legal options, please talk to a real estate attorney.

Published: Aug 11, 2006