Every week, someone calls my radio show looking to unload a timeshare purchased under pressure at one of those not-so-free lunches.

If you’re looking to sell, use your week to talk to other guests in the resort. Since they’re there, they might be interested in picking up your week for a family member or friend. You can also ask the resort management company if they help owners resell timeshares.

As far as websites go, EBay is pretty active in the selling of timeshares. But you might also check out and Neither of those websites charge an upfront fee.

If you can’t sell it, try giving your timeshare away. If you itemize, you’ll be able to claim a federal tax deduction for the timeshare’s fair market value, and your local charity might able to resell it to someone else – or use it as a fundraiser at a silent auction night.

The website, will take a timeshare donation and can work with you on structuring the deal.

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