If you’re selling your house this fall, the news isn’t great Existing home sales are down nearly 9 percent over the last year while the number of home for sale has grown by 40 percent.

That adds up to fewer sales, more competition and, in some cases, slumping prices.

But homes that are priced right and are in great condition for the money are selling well. Here’s what you need to do to get buyers through the door:

First, price your house strategically – look around at all the homes for sale in your neighborhood and price your house just below the rest. Competitively pricing your home means more buyers will look at it.

Next, consider offering a bonus to the broker who brings the buyer to your door. Make sure your listing agent puts the bonus into the Multiple Listing Service, so all the buyer’s agents see it.

Finally, you might consider paying for some or all of the buyers’ closing costs. Now that’ll attract some attention.

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