Discover Card has an interesting new offer for cardholders. For just $2.99 cents per month, they’ll help protect the contents of your wallet in case it’s stolen.

They’ll notify all of your creditors and request replacement cards for you. They’ll monitor your credit for 90 days, and they’ll even cough up $1,000 in emergency cash to keep you going until your new cards arrive.

The problem I have with programs like this one, is that other than saving you a few phone calls, you can do the same thing for free.

Here’s how I protect the contents of my wallet.

Every 6 months or so, I take all the credit cards out of my wallet and photocopy the front and back of them. That way, if my wallet IS stolen, I know who to call to order replacement cards. If I’m traveling abroad, I leave my wallet at home, and just the one or two credit cards I need.

And don’t forget, you can always check your credit for free 3 times a year at

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