I just got back from our summer vacation – in Colorado’s ski country. We hiked, biked, rode the gondolas and took turns on an alpine slide.

But best of all, we got a great deal. The 2-bedroom, 2-bath condo we stayed in rents for more than $500 per night in the high season. We paid a fraction of that. We also got two-for-one deals, discounts on restaurants and admission tickets, and enjoyed a relaxing destination.

It isn’t hard to get a travel deal anymore. You just have to go somewhere when the rest of the world doesn’t want to be there.

Like the Carribean in the summer. Yes, you COULD get hit by a hurricane, but you probably won’t and the airfares are now less than $200 round trip to many great places. Or, try Europe or Alaska in the winter. Arizona or Acapulco in the summer.

Or go to Canada, where your American dollars will still buy you a deal year-round.

With practical, informative consumer advice, I’m Ilyce Glink, News-Talk 750 WSB