I’ve just been informed that I’ve won 1 million pounds, or just about $2 million dollars in a lottery I’ve never entered.

You’ve heard that foreign lottery scam story before, but this email I received has a new twist that could catch a few unsuspecting consumers.

The million pound lottery purports to be sponsored by Coca Cola and British American Tobacco Worldwide. If that commercial marriage weren’t strange enough, the letter acknowledges that I never entered this contest, but that my email address had been randomly selected, and then assigned to a winning ticket number.

Most of us are smart enough to know that if you don’t enter a contest, it’s difficult to win it. Random selection? That’s a big red flag.

The letter goes on to tell me that I’ve got to contact the winner’s department and provide all sorts of information in order to get that million pound check. I think I’ll just hit the delete button instead.

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