It’s a little early for Holiday gift giving, but you wouldn’t know it from the ads in the Labor Day weekend papers.

There are tremendous deals available today only from several major retailers.

For example, if you’ve been thinking about buying a new computer for yourself or your child, Office Depot has a computer, monitor and printer package available for $99, including the rebate. It’s also selling a laptop for less than $500 that burns DVDs.

CompUSA has a brand new computer available for less than $200, monitor sold separately.

If you’re looking for something a little bigger, heavier and with four wheels, various dealers are offering zero percent financing and rebates, and free extras in order to clear last year’s models from their lots in anticipation of the 2007 models due to arrive this month.

All of these deals make me wonder what’s coming down the pike for Christmas. Stay tuned for the Day After Thanksgiving Sales coming to a store near you.

With practical, informative consumer advice, I’m Ilyce Glink, News-Talk 750 WSB