“Nothing’s too good for my child.”

I hear that a lot from parents these days. And when it comes to education, I have to agree.

But a lot of folks are talking about the stuff they buy for their kids, like Playstations, IPods, Game Cubes, designer clothes and cars, and even the furniture they put in their rooms.

Lately, though, I’m wondering if the designers who cater to these parents have collectively lost their minds.

High-chairs are now selling for $1,000.

If you’re into cool and hip, chic and modern, an ordinary high-chair just won’t do. Even the almighty Peg Perego, which retails for several hundred dollars, can’t come close.

The Mozzee Nest, an Australian black round thing will cost around $600. The Fleurville Calla, for $950, will be available in 2007. It looks a little like the Bomba stool.

They are beautifully-designed chairs. But like the $99 special at Toys-R-Us, they’ll soon be covered in sweet potato and cauliflower puree. Pass the wipes.

With practical, informative consumer advice, I’m Ilyce Glink, News-Talk 750 WSB