I got an email this week from a WSB listener who wanted to know how to find great travel bargains abroad. She’s flying to Europe and then Asia and wants to find cheap ways to fly between cities.

The best tool ever invented for cheap air travel has to be the Internet. With a few clicks on a search engine, you can find airfares between foreign cities that are unavailable in the U.S. — or are much more expensive.

To get out of the U.S., look for “so-called” consolidator sites or For foreign sites, go to That site will link you to hundreds of airports world-wide. Look up what airlines fly in and out of those airports and then find the websites for the airlines.

When booking a trip from London to Scotland last year, I bought tickets on Ryan Air through their website. It cost me half as much as if I had booked the same flight through Travelocity.

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